I want the beauty of Danneel Ackles.
I want the brains of Vicki Collins.
I want the confidence of Gen Padalecki.
And I want all their husbands too.


Genevieve Fashion Network - Event 1: Favorite Red Carpet Look

The outfit that Gen wore for the 13th Annual FirstGlance Film Festival has got to be my favorite. I just love how she didn’t have to wear a fancy dress to look amazing. The outfit was simple, but, with a little bit of an edge to it because of the jacket. And the boots are what made the outfit for me. I love her shoes so much!


Tell us your favourite red carpet look of Genevieve’s and why.

It’s one of her older Outfits but I’m loving this one to bits. Her hair looks as much elegant as it looks wild! The dress matches the elegant look there, whereas the boots and the many little threads on them add to the wildness of it all. The Necklace acts like a mix of both. Subtle in color yet eye-catching because of its size. 

One would often think black Nail-Poolish is worn by gothics and so on, but Gen often proofs that black nail polish doesn’t automatically mean ‘dark and vampire’. 

Great outfit there, really!

Love it! So much!