Anonymous asked: Where was that photo stolen from and did they catch who did it?

This photo is private and obviously only for Jared and Genevieve which no one knew at first when it was originally posted on twitter and then everywhere else. Eventually the source was traced back to the photography blog/twitter account imageisfound who posted the photo without the Padalecki’s knowledge or consent. They were very upset about this since they never gave permission for the photo to be shared with fans and it was meant to stay private. Their bodyguard Clif tweeted at the time: “Jared and Gen’s pic with Thomas was stolen, he is very upset it is out there. They were for them only.” Most fans deleted the photo out of respect for Jared and Gen and people don’t generally post it anymore, but the photo is still available on other sites unfortunately. Anyways I noticed that the recent posting of the photo has been removed from the tags, a lot of fans don’t like seeing it posted due to how much this incident upset Jared and Gen.

Please don’t repost or reblog the photo of Jared and Gen with Thomas as a newborn that’s currently in the Genevieve tags. I don’t see that photo posted often anymore for obvious reasons, but just a reminder :)

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Clif walking Genevieve and Thomas away from the hotel @VanCon14


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